The Autonomous Creative Collective

We're working together to build sustainable, creativity-centered careers and lives.

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About the ACC

We are Autonomous

We are creative professionals—writers, novelists, podcasters, filmmakers, designers, visual artists, cartoonists, journalists, academics—and “creative class” business owners: coaches, consultants, copywriters, designers, app developers—working to build sustainable, joyful, creativity-centered careers and lives.

And we are a Collective

We bond together to help one another.

Together, we will explore, experiment, and build the path to creative sustainability so that we can stop burning out with endless grinding, finish the game-changing projects that never get the love they deserve, and build our capacity for the rest and reflection that feeds our work and happiness.

Why Join Us?

We build friendships and professional relationships that will support our work and our lives.

We reject conventional productivity frameworks, and instead help each other take ownership, control, and mastery of our creative priorities and productivity based on what we truly care about and our individual circumstances.

We stand together in our power and support one another to have the courage to be vulnerable by taking major creative risks, and to know and stand by our value in the world.

What does this mean in real terms? 

  • Join an international community of committed, curious, generous, fascinating creative people, all working together to make our lives and work better. 
  • Gain access to a monthly live video session with founder Jessica Abel, where you can get feedback on anything you're confronting in your creative life.
  • Take part in monthly challenges, discussions on themes such as Habits & Follow Through, Getting Organized, the Should Monster, and Creative Risk-Taking. 
  • Get support on any creative challenge you face, at any time. 
  • Fight isolation with virtual co-working sessions and find new collaborators and support-buddies at "accountability speed-dating" sessions. 
  • Renew your commitment to your creative life, and continually uplevel your practice with access and support for regularly diving back into the Creative Focus Workshop and other courses. 

We believe

Creative workers are fully capable of taking charge of their own lives and decisions, from what they will create to how they will build their careers and businesses.

Creative workers deserve respect and an equal place at the table with all other kinds of workers.

Creativity ≠ leisure. This work is the real work. It's not for first-worlders and dilettantes. It's for everyone.

We are so glad you're here!

A collective is more than the sum of its parts—but those individual "parts" are the spine and heart and soul of who we are together. 

Join us, and let's make this happen, together!

Are you in?

You can become a part of this robust, active accountability community of other committed, serious creatives by joining one of our courses!

Our Courses:

                    The Creative Focus Workshop  
                                        The Autonomous Creative Incubator
                                                                                 Authentic Visibility

Learn more and join us here!